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Friday, September 20, 2013

Royal Canin #CatsAgingGracefully Challenge: The Happy Conclusion

For the past four weeks, The Zoo has been participating in the Royal Canin #CatsAgingGracefully Challenge.

We have already shared updates with you on Aries increased appetite and digestion and improved appearance and energy levels. And today, we will share our conclusions regarding her overall health and well-being.

To say that we have seen some changes during this time would be an understatement.

A lot has changed in the past month. A lot.

Not only has Aries gained weight and been eating a lot more, she's stopped hovering around the kitchen.

Truth be told, until we started this challenge, we fed her anything and everything whenever she wanted. Whenever anyone crossed the threshold, she would meow up a storm, dart in between your legs and generally make you feel sorry for her. It worked. Every time.

Aries versus the Vacuum

I kid you not when I say that from Day One of being on her new Royal Canin Aging 12 hard and moist cat food, she has not begged. Not once. Except for her food of course.

In addition, she has only vomited once. This is incredible considering she has been vomiting (a bit) regularly for years.

Her stool deposits still appear darker and softer than they were before. Yes, I checked. That's one part of the challenge that I won't miss...

Last week, I was joking about her lack of energy. However, there was something she's been hiding from me.

Aries bed is in the living room. The litter is in the bathroom. Between them a 3 foot high safety gate. I've been installing it 7" above the ground so that Aries can get under it but the kids can't.

Aries jumped over the Safety gate

Did I ever get a surprise this week, when I woke up to a scratching and clambering sound. I looked down the hall and saw a tail going over the kid safety gate. I couldn't believe it!

The great news is that I've called our local small town vet and they sell the Aging 12 moist and dry food. I find the cans a little bit expensive at $1.90 a can (per day), but the hard food is very reasonable at less that $25 for a 6lb/2.7kg bag. Based upon my calculations that should last at least 1.5 months.

We are thrilled with the positive changes that we have seen and in such a short time. There is no question that we will be keeping her on her Royal Canin Aging diet for her remaining years. Not only because it is readily available in Mexico (!) but because after 17 years, Aries deserves the best. And the best for her is Royal Canin Aging 12.

Aries hanging out in the sun

Will You Take the Royal Canin Challenge?

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Note that Journeys of The Zoo received compensation and products that enabled us to participate in this campaign.

This is Part three of a three part challenge.

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  1. I love it! It's great that you won't have to pack food when you head south. Do you think the formulation is the same in Mexico?
    Way to go, Aries..may your golden years be graceful!

  2. That is so great! I am so glad she is doing so well on this food! I am going to have to try it. I admit, I'm a little worried about the cost since I've got 2 cats, but I'd love to see how it works.

  3. That's awesome! I'm glad it helped her so much!!! We are dog people but I have a lot of cat people friends. Will pass on your results! Sounds like they are a great company! Do they do dog food???? Gonna head over and check out their site!
    Have a great day!

  4. Wow that's awesome that it's available in Mexico too! Royal Canin was the best thing we did for our elderly cat. You could just see the difference it made and the fact that she lived to 21 in good health right to the end says a lot.

  5. awwww just look at that pretty kitty! so glad you are seeing some positive changes!

  6. Great news! We use Royal Canine for our pooch. Less shedding and great coat :) Thanks

  7. Sounds great - my poor old cat would probably love this challenge - thanks for the tips!

  8. Aries is beautiful. I'm so happy she did well with Royal Canin. My boys really enjoy Iams so I'm happy with that; however, Royal Canin would have been my next selection had they not gotten hooked on Iams.

  9. Wow, Aries is a beauty! I can't believe that she's 17 and jumping over a child gate! Especially since it's positioned above the floor! Way to go Aries!

  10. My cat Bree is only 5, but I will definitely have to get that for her when she gets older. Right now she is addicted to Friskeys, but I am sure she will be ready to change to Royal Canin as she gets older, thank you for sharing, and Aries is so cute:)

  11. I'd like to try this with my old girl. She's 14 now and doesn't play as much as she used to.

  12. We dont have a cat but I will pass this info to my neighbor!
    Lynn M

  13. This means that you should take steps to ensure that you give it something that it will be proud of. Royal Canin dog food reviews